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Welcome to LS1 Sounds, the web's best resource for sound and video clips, product and installation pictures, installation tips, recommended shops, and dyno results.  The files have include as much information as possible in the filename so you can identify the clip later.  They are listed with the newest ones at the top.  Required media players and codecs are listed on the bottom left of every page.

Like any other engine, the LS1 works as a system.  You want to get as much air in and out as you can.  The plethora of modifications out there will allow you to do that, including exhaust systems found here. There are some things you may want to consider before you start the modding process:

  1. There is no "best" part when it comes to mods.
  2. When you want to start modding your car, come up with a tangible plan.
  3. Do not go into modding blindly; you will end up wasting money, time, and effort.
  4. Do your research before you buy mods.
  5. Find out your state's/county's emissions requirements before choosing mods.
  6. Be realistic on what your going to do with your car.
  7. Usable power under the curve is what you want to shoot for, do not just look at peak gains which can be misleading.
  8. Work within your budget.
  9. If your are still under warranty, contact your own dealership and discuss your warranty and modding issues.  Don't rely on what other's have said about what their dealerships will do for them.

I am getting started with clips from F-bodies but will expand the information to cover Corvettes and GTOs, as well as LT1s as the clips are received.  If you have any information to add about the existing clips, or if you would like your clip hosted or removed send an email!  If you see a blank space, it means the information is still needed.

Special thanks go out to the following locations and their members for sharing the clips that fuel this site, and especially to JRP @!  He's been a big supporter of and major contributor to, much of the information you read here was posted by him:
Eastern F-Body Association
Tidewater Racing